It’s raining

September 26, 2008 at 9:34 am Leave a comment

And I’m staying in today! How nice is it to not have to go out and enjoy the sound of the rain outside. I took Max and Nate to the bus over an hour ago and am just hanging out with Gabe. We don’t get to do this often enough. Unfortunately one reason we are stuck home is because he seems to have a little stomach bug and his tushy is all red too!  I am going to concentrate on the word “little” and hope it doesn’t get worse. I have a very hard time with simple childhood illnesses these days and am always worried they will turn into something bigger or are caused by the bigger picture. And stomach bugs freak me out because of the whole dehydration issue and the fact that Gabe is already on a diuretic and needs extra fluids.  I have already admitted numerous times that I am neurotic so I don’t need to reiterate that here.  

It’s interesting though that Nate doesn’t seem to catch as many childhood things as Max and Gabe too. I am not sure if it just mere coincidence or the fact that he is “healthy” but he is hardly ever sick. Knock on wood!  He has maybe been one 2 or 3 antibiotics his whole life. And when he does catch a cold that is usually all it is just a cold and never goes beyond that. Last year I received 2 letters from Max’s school talking about too many absences and how it is important to be at school as much as possible and blah blah blah!  He missed so many days last year. He had bronchitis that we thought we pneumonia one time, an ear infection either once or twice, and strep throat twice.  Interesting, huh? I should start charting it more.  Maybe someone could do research on kids with ARPKD catching more common childhood viruses vs the typical child catching the same viruses. I’ll do that in my spare time.


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