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September 13, 2008 at 7:30 pm 1 comment

Gabe had an appointment with the cardiologist on Thursday for a six month check up. We had gone last February because at that time we were having a hard time controlling his blood pressure on three medications. His b/p has been under control for at least 4 months now, which is great. So, on Thursday we went to the cardiologist, Dr. Really Nice.  I really like Dr. Nice. We have been to him 3 times now and each time I am amazed. He is a pediatric cardiologist and never over books and we never have to wait. And he’s super nice and appears to be very smart. It’s amazing! We are so lucky to have some really good specialists working with us. Anyway, this visit was great. Gabe actually didn’t cry too much and sat still for his b/p which was normal. And then he sat fairly still for the sonogram of his heart. The sonogram looked good and Gabe’s heart muscle is normal! Yeah! In February it was slightly enlarged but nothing to worry about, but of course I still worried. But, now it’s normal. Of course I’ll still worry, but that’s me. Gabe does have a benign murmur that could have been there last time but since he screamed so much at the last appointment Dr Nice isn’t sure, but he isn’t concerned either. If you live in NY and ever need the best pediatric cardiologist give me a call!

Even though it was a good visit I get frustrated and depressed having to go to these appointments. It just shoves it all back in my face again. Even though it’s already there every day this makes it even more apparent. I just wish the boys were healthy. I know they are fairly “healthy” right now but I wish they were all together “healthy” all the time.  I wish I had never heard the term PKD before. I wish I didn’t know about echogenic kidneys, and scarring on the liver, and a large spleen, and portal hypertension, and high blood pressure in children, and esophageal varices, and cholangitis, and kidney transplant, and 24 hour urine tests, and 24 hour b/p tests, and manual b/p cuffs vs. electric b/p cuffs, and nephrologists, and hepatologists, and pediatric cardiologists, and…..


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New Pediatrician Conference

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  • 1. kidneyeyemomma  |  September 13, 2008 at 11:13 pm

    Good heart checks are great, aren’t they? Yay Gabe for sitting still like a good boy.

    And you? I can tell you not to worry about the haeart because you have everything under control with BP, but you won’t listen, right? Cause you know, Gage had uncontrolled high BP for 3 years and his heart is fine, fine, fine.

    Would love to help you with the other thing – the being depressed about all those things you know…but it does get easier (in some ways).


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