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September 7, 2008 at 6:13 pm Leave a comment

Wow, I cannot even believe I’m writing this let alone that it happened, but Nate didn’t cry on his first day of kindergarten! Or complain, or whine, or say he didn’t want to go, or anything. The bus came and he got right on after Max. And according to people who saw him at school he was completely fine once he got there and was fine all day. So out of character but so exciting. The only crier we had here (besides me being sad my boys are growing up too fast) was Gabe. Poor Gabe was all dressed and ready to go even with his backpack on. And after the bus came and left with the big boys he was screaming because he truly thought he was getting on the bus with them.  And I do believe he would have gone if I let him. 

My mom asked me recently if I was sad to not have any more babies around since Gabe is over 2 and we are finished having kids.  And the answer is yes. I love babies. I love having babies. And I love the newborn stage. And if I were younger, a lot younger, and we didn’t have this PKD thing, and we were rich, I would have a fourth! But since none of those things can or will happen then 3 is our magic number. But yes I’m sad.  My rabbi recently told me someone told her a long time ago that people like us who love the newborns would always want another one no matter how many we had and we just need to resign ourselves to that fact. Don’t get me wrong, I am happy with my 3 boys. But, like I said I love the babies.


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