Third Times a Charm

September 5, 2008 at 7:09 pm Leave a comment

Here we go again. I was at a meeting last night for work. First I was talking to the parents of the nursery school class that I am co-teaching. Then there was a 5 minute break and we were walking to another room and I saw that Matt had called me 3 times. I listened to my messages and he said that Gabe had fallen and needed stitches. I raced out and over to the ER. Gabe fell again! And needed stitches again! For the third time in 6 months. Ugh! And for the second time hitting his head on the radiator in the boys’ room. This time it was in the back of his head and he needed 2 staples.

We were fast tracked at the ER and were seen by a physician’s assistant rather than a doctor who was an idiot. He asked me if I wanted stitches or staples. I looked at him and asked which was better. He said either one and that it was a personal choice? huh?  So I said staples. He asked if he should numb the area or just do it really fast. Huh, again? I should be making these decisions as the doctor, I mean mother??  I said numb. Then he asked if he should put a cream on it or do it with a shot? What is this a multiple choice test. Will I get a score at the end. We chose the numbing cream. Then he comes in to do the staples and tells me to hold Gabe. I said he needed to be papoosed because he was not able to sit still for this. He, the PA, told me to just sit on him. Double huh?? I told him to just papoose him. He wrapped him in a sheet then and literally stapled his head two times. I should have been a doctor, or at the very least a physician’s assistant. I know my bedside manner would have been better than the majority of these idiots I have been dealing with lately!!


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“Bad Doctors”; episode 3,450 Stupid Comments

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