“Bad Doctors”; episode 3,450

September 4, 2008 at 1:13 am Leave a comment

I went to a new OBGYN today because I just wasn’t happy with my old practice (a long story). I had tried a different one last year who wasn’t too warm or fuzzy so thought I would try this practice. What doctor doesn’t walk into an exam room with a new patient and introduce themselves. Strike one. Then what doctor takes a personal call in the middle of the breast exam and talks for a good 7-9 minutes about their child’s hair appt the next day and then comes back in and forgets what she had and had not done for the exam. Strike two. Then when I told her I still have vertigo what doctor wouldn’t talk to you more about it rather than saying “I assume you are following up with someone about that”. Strike three. You would think she would be out at this point but no it continued. What doctor would make a very stupid statement about a bladder issue I’m having (can’t go into it here) and say “Well you should just live with it until it gets really bad and then you could have a bladder lift (surgery). Strike four. My response to strike four was “I’ll just tell them to do a bladder lift when I am donating one of my kidneys to one of my sons” … no response from bad doctor. Hmm… seems to be a common thread here with lack of good doctors and really bad bedside manner.


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