The Grocery Store

September 2, 2008 at 2:12 am Leave a comment

In the past some have questioned why I order my food from peapod. First of all you don’t always get what you ordered. Second of all it costs a fee ($6 delivery fee). And third why can’t I just go on my own. Well, tonight we decided to stop at the grocery store on our way home from the Berkshires. Why don’t I take my kids? Let me tell you:

1. They want everything they see

2. They chase each other around the store

3. They get in everyone’s way in the aisles

4. I cannot concentrate on what I am buying with them there

5. They have an opinion on everything I put in the cart 

(And I am not just talking about the 3 little boys either if you catch my drift)

6. And the big one for tonight is they like to hang on the cart which makes it hard to push. And not only hard to push but if you hang on the cart on the side and lean over guess what happens… you can tip the entire cart over onto yourself. For those of you who know us I am sure you can guess which one of the three peas was able to do this tonight at the store. Matt and I are talking about this yogurt drink someone recommended to me that lowers your blood pressure and all of the sudden we heard this huge crash. And believe it or not but Nate is sprawled out on the ground with the cart covering his entire body with his head sticking out from one side and his legs the other. Now, it wasn’t humorous at the time but since he wasn’t hurt I can laugh about it now. Because it actually was kind of funny looking back (since he wasn’t hurt). Of course the entire store is staring at us by this time and he is screaming and Max and Gabe are just standing there with deer in headlights looks. The thing is Nate was not hurt at all just scared and probably freaked out that it happened!! Ah.. the joys of taking my kids to the supermarket. Hence my joy of! I’ll pay the $6 delivery fee any day to not have to experience the above!

But we did get a good laugh out of it and got new drinky yogurts that supposedly lower your blood pressure. I might have to drink all of them myself after that (spiked with something)!


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