The Berkshires

September 1, 2008 at 1:09 am Leave a comment

We came up to the Berkshires on Friday night. Or more specifically Otis, Massachusetts. As usual it is very relaxing up here and the boys are having a blast. Yesterday we went to a Fair and although Grammy complained the whole time the boys had so much fun. How could you not have fun when your parents and grandparents are spending money on tickets to go on rides and paying money for games that you win stuffed animals with. And do my boys love stuffed animals! Plus there were cows, pigs, ducks, chickens, and sheep and people playing the fiddle and tons of crap to eat. What more could you really ask for? Today we went to the lake first with the man made beach and although the water was freezing all of the boys got in. Max swam to the dock 2 times. Gabe and I made a sand castle and Matt caught fish with just a net and some bread crumbs. Then we went to the pool where it was kind of heated and everyone swam again. Besides all of that fun we are getting to be pros at the game of UNO and pick up sticks!

I do love coming to the country and being away from it all. I do have my computer here and read email but don’t respond to any (mainly because my server won’t let me from up here). But I don’t talk to anyone on the phone and we barely watch tv at all. It is a media free weekend for all!

We will be sad to leave tomorrow as this is our last trip for a while up here. Probably until ski season! Do you think clumsy me could get up on skis for the first time this winter?


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