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Some would say for the most part I am a goody goody but really I hate rules. I don’t like to conform, don’t like to be a part of a group with rules, I just don’t like it. So I joined this book club a few years ago. I joined it because a friend of mine asked me to and I like the idea of a book club. The thing is I am very different then most of the people in the group. I do obviously like my friend and her sister in law who is in the group. There are a couple of other people I can relate to but mostly I am so different from the people in the group. Not to mention that even though these people have been going out to talk about the book with me once a month or so for the last 3 years they have not been overly friendly to me and not really supportive of the boys. Half the time no one even asks me about them, and I’m lucky if they donate to my walk.  Or even walk with me. Anyway. I like reading, a lot, and I like discussing the books. But lately it has become a drag as far as the personalities of the people (women) in the group and one in particular has become quite rude in her emails. The thing is she set up these “rules” about the book club and maybe I didn’t adhere to all of them so she is “frustrated”.  

We were not going to do a summer read but some of decided to do it anyway and picked a date in August. It was my pick and I picked the Samurai’s Garden, which is one of my favorite books. If you haven’t read it I highly recommend it. It is by Gail Tsukiyama. Anyway, the week of the meeting 2 days before the rule maker emailed and said something came up. Then the day of the book club 2 other people copped out. So it left me and 2 others and we decided to postpone. I suggested pushing it to September and the people who hadn’t read it could and then we could discuss it. What I didn’t realize was there was a date already picked out and I picked out a different one. Then 2 people dropped out completely. Then the rule maker started sending these rude emails. I know it’s hard to tell tone in an email but she kept saying “whatever” in it.  Like “The funny thing is when we picked out dates last year we were to have the book club meet on the 19th, but whatever goes….” and “I’ve read the book…..Date whatever…” and “I finished the book, but am not up to reading her second book.. I don’t think I’ll be able to handle another “asian” themed book.  Sorry if that’s not PC. Plus people are dropping like flies….”. I just think it’s so childish and really uncalled for. And not to be rude but she is single and really doesn’t have a lot on her plate and she is complaining. I really just don’t need this in my life. And what frustrates me is she keeps putting the ball in my court to make all of these decisions regarding the whole book club when she has all of these opinions about it. It really don’t care to be honest with you. I doesn’t matter when we meet, where we meet, who comes, who doesn’t come, I just like reading (to get out of my life for a bit) and like discussing it.

These were really good ones that we read: The Kite Runner, The Samurai’s Garden, Falling Leaves, My Sister’s Keeper (read pre-Gabe and not sure I could read it now), The Red Tent, Snow Flower and the Secret Fan, The Time Traveler’s Wife. I don’t remember the names of most of the bad ones, but I didn’t really like Atonement, Eat Pray Love, or Julie and Julia: My year of cooking dangerously!

I think I honestly might be a bookaholic. I’m addicted. Not only am I addicted to reading but also to going to book stores and browsing and buying books. I have so many here it’s scary.  Like I mentioned above I like getting out of my life into an imaginary one. I don’t love non-fiction books but do like historical fiction. I hope my boys grow up enjoying reading as much as I do. Nate starts Kindergarten next week and I am so excited for him to learn to read! Scary!


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