Bad doctors

August 27, 2008 at 3:44 am Leave a comment

I was talking to some friends tonight about how awesome our nephrologist is. He is just the best. Not only is he educated on ARPKD, but he is smart in general and extremely nice. And to top that off he emails me back usually within an hour or two when I have a question. No matter how many questions I have.

This got me to thinking back to this really bad urologist I took Max to last year. We wanted him to have a bladder sonogram and a consult with a urologist to rule out anything else besides just normal PKD stuff and not concentrating the urine. When we got to the office I asked the doctor if he had ever seen any patients with ARPKD. I was there with all 3 of my kids. His comment was “I used to see them in the NICU when they were very severe and already on dialysis. But, most of those are probably dead by now”. In front of all of my kids!! I should have gotten right up and walked out but I didn’t. I should have called back right afterwards and complained, but I didn’t. 

I think I don’t always know what to do in those situations until after they are finished. I think I don’t always realize how bad a doctor really is until I see a really good one, like Dr Awesome (mentioned above). I think I need to start being more proactive with doctors and not taking their crap! I finally left our pediatrician after 8 years, which is a good start. Now it’s time for me to find a new internist!  No more bad doctors for us.


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