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I think I know my kids better than most people. So why is it that when you are out in public and your kids are throwing a temper tantrum, or crying, or misbehaving, or just not being “good” that people (including those in your family) love to either give you advice or try to talk to your kids? I just don’t get it. Why can’t people mind their own business? Besides the fact that most of the time the best thing to do with my kids is to just ignore them. This really helps. The more anyone tries to talk to them or rationalize the situation the more they scream or act out. 

Last night Nate fell asleep on the way to dinner, which happens often when we have to drive 30 minutes to get anyplace around here. (one not so great thing about having a house in the country) Anyway when we got there he lost it and was not so happy when I woke him up. He then preceded to cry and carry on in the restaurant. A lot of people were looking at us and it was not ideal. I took him outside for about 10 minutes but that wasn’t helping the situation. So we went back in. Matt is back in NY working so there was no one to help me. When we came back in some stranger started talking to Nate and asking him what was wrong and why was he sad and ….. And then Nate started yelling louder. So I said to the woman “Ma’am can you please just ignore him”. Well she became very insulted and said so. And then my dad tried talking to him and I had to tell him to ignore it also. Eventually Nate stopped crying.

The thing is the same thing happened tonight and again my dad and mom tried to reason with him. I told them to ignore him but again they didn’t listen. And then my dad got really mad and yelled at me in the restaurant to take Nate outside. Ugh! I was just really frustrated by that. I didn’t take him outside and he did eventually calm down on his own by me ignoring him for the most part and also listening to him as well.

I just wish people would understand to just ignore it!!


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