August 20, 2008 at 12:35 am 1 comment

My sister came into town yesterday with her kids, which I am very excited about. The thing that frustrates me is that my in laws obviously feel a greater connection to her (the whole connection with Michael) then they do to me and my mil is obvious about it. She left work early so she could come to dinner here, which is rarely done for me. And then just the show of affection that I rarely get. And then it goes beyond that to the obvious. She scolded me various times for saying things to Gayle. I asked Gayle how much she paid for a pair of sneakers for my nephew, that were probably over $50 and for someone who complains about being scared about money while going through a divorce should be worried about. So I asked this simple question and my mil rudely said to me to mind my own business. Then later on I teased Gayle about something and my mil got on my sister’s side about it. I cannot remember the exact details of those other comments just that it was obvious that I was wrong and Gayle was right. Then my fil spent about an hour on the computer with my sister looking at some dating site. I don’t think he has ever been that interested in something I was doing. I was even trying to stuff envelopes while they were here for the walk and they didn’t offer to help or ask any questions about it.  My mil even made a comment like you can just sign me up for your team you know I don’t go on there, which is so frustrating to me. It was so obvious that after they left Gayle apologized to me about it.

I guess you could say I should just deal with it, get over it, ignore it, or maybe to just grow up. But, the thing is I just don’t get the emotional support I need from my in laws or from my own parents. And then to see them giving the emotional support I so crave to my sister is really sad to me. But, as Lovey keeps telling me I cannot change them only my reaction to them.


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Happy 36th Birthday Matt Bliss

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  • 1. kidneyeyemomma  |  August 20, 2008 at 4:55 am

    That is so sad to me, because I can imagine what it would be like without my family’s support.

    But…I think that in a way, it can make you and Matt cling to each other a little more (better?) if you play it right. Also, maybe there are people out there in your life, who could fill that role in your life (if you already don’t have that).

    Anyway, I support you.


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