Family Jinx

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My father in law thinks his family is jinxed, understandably so. Five generations of men in his family have had a son die. Of course I don’t really believe there is a Karl Jinx just really bad luck for all of these people. And granted all five of them died from different causes. But I do understand why my father was so upset those first few hours after Gabe was born and the doctors said there was a chance he wouldn’t make it through the night. For me I feel that Matt and I are going to break this family curse. 

Another thing I have been thinking about recently is that having Gabe was the best thing we could have done for so many reasons. Health wise having Gabe helped us diagnose Max much sooner than we would have otherwise. If we hadn’t had Gabe then when Max had his first ARPKD symptom we wouldn’t have known why he was having it. Not to mention Max could have started with high blood pressure and we might not have known for a long time and his heart muscle could have been damaged because of it. But that didn’t happen because we became proactive once Gabe was born and started watching Max for symptoms. Even though I wish Max and Gabe did not have ARPKD I am glad they have each other to support as they grow older with this disease.

The other thing I think about is our family looking like Matt’s growing up. Matt’s parents had two sons and the oldest died. We often compare Max to Matt’s brother, Michael. He looks more like Michael, he acts more like Michael, and has many of the same qualities of Michael. Can you imagine what it would have been like to have not had Gabe and then have Max diagnosed with ARPKD. Our family would have been repeating itself again with the oldest boy being sick and the youngest being healthy. So even though Max has this disease and Michael also had a disease things are much different and the dynamics are so different. And history does not have to repeat itself. And every day I am thankful we decided to have a third child. And every day I am thankful for my three boys, even when they are making me crazier than I am!!


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