Pee Patrol

August 15, 2008 at 3:19 am Leave a comment

I know that the topic of peeing and urine really isn’t so appropriate. We aren’t even allowed to talk about it around here unless we’re in the bathroom. We call it “potty talk”. But when you live with 4 boys and have 2 with kidney problems then the topic of “pee” comes up a lot. And sometimes, like tonight, you’ve had enough. Sometimes I feel like I am up to my eyeballs, almost literally at times, with urine.  Even without ARPKD there’s still a lot of pee issues with boys. They often miss the toilet, their aim isn’t so great, and there really isn’t a lot of clean up action going on. And I’m not just talking about Max and Nate. Anyone out there with a husband or a son can relate to this.  So most of the time I think my bathrooms smell like a men’s locker room. Not to mention that usually 3-4 nights a week we are also changing sheets and clothes. So the laundry adds up as does the urine smell going beyond the bathroom into the boys’ rooms.  This week has been an exceptionally big pee week and we have changed sheets a few times and now I am onto major loads of laundry. I cannot really complain too much about the laundry because Claudia (my awesome nanny) does most of it. She is here on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays. But, you know it’s been a bad week when I am already fed up with laundry and it’s only Thursday!

I know really in the scheme of things changing clothes and sheets and doing extra laundry is no big deal. It’s the cause of all this “pee” that has me frustrated, and sad, and mad, and so emotional.


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