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Some would say I am insane, maybe stupid, maybe naive, but I did it anyway. I joined the board of Max and Nate’s PTA. I think maybe I’m just a little bit crazy to have done it, but it’s done. Sometimes I have these grandiose ideas in my head that I can do it all. Plus my mom was really involved in the PTA and I want to be involved in the PTA. It’s just that I also have 3 kids, work part time, a house to take care of, medicines to give out, laundry to do, bills to pay (haha), PKD Foundation stuff to do, walk stuff to do…… So on top of all that I added this little job for the PTA. All of a sudden last night I freaked out about it but it’s too late. I made a commitment for this year and I have to keep it. I’m in charge of hospitality. I have to plan a teacher luncheon for September 3rd, a parent breakfast for Sept 5th, get food donations for monthly PTA meeetings, and plan an end of the year lunch next May. It really shouldn’t be too bad. It’s just that I already have so much going on that I can’t keep up with.

I know Julia has talked to me about this before or posted but I can so relate. When you have kids you have these ideas of how things will be. Besides just the health issue you also have these ideas of being so active in their schools and doing great things for the PTA. But then this PKD thing comes along and kind of gets in the way and things change, plans change, hopes and dreams change. I know who really cares if I’m not involved in the PTA. Is it really such a big deal? The PTA in and of itself is not the big deal. It’s every thing else that is a big deal and this one small piece really does add to it.


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