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My whole life I wanted to be a journalist which now seems so ironic as I am now a “blogger” which could very well be considered a quasay writer. But, I guess you would have to be good to really be a journalist and I am not so sure I am. Which may be why in college I had a career change, or a change of degrees so to speak. I have boxes full of things I wrote as a child: poems, stories, journals, letters, essays for school, etc. In high school I worked on the yearbook, although not really in a writing capacity but that really wasn’t my choice. (My dislike of high school and insecurities during that time of my life are a completely different post that could take hours, even years to write – some of which are discussed in therapy). Anyway, back to the subject.  When I started researching colleges I knew I wanted to go to a school that had a good journalism department. I thought I wanted to be this famous journalist or a novelist or something really cool like that. At the time I thought I wanted a big school although looking back I should have picked one of those small eastern liberal arts schools.  I really wanted to go to Columbia but was forbidden to even apply by my parents, and since they were footing the bill at the time I followed their directions. So, the schools I chose to apply to were The University of Texas, The University of Wisconsin, The University of Illinois, The University of Colorado, and The University of Missouri as a back up school. I grew up in Kansas City but was also forbidden to apply to KU (U of Kansas) as my parents were staunch Mizzou Tigers.  I got into all of the schools except Illinois and narrowed it down to Texas and Wisconsin and went to visit. Now some would say that visiting Texas and Wisconsin in April is probably not a good help in making a decision since it was still below zero in Madison and a balmy 75 in Austin, but as you might guess I chose UT.  Hook em horns!!! Now again my true college days are another blog or two or three, but I did start off in the journalism school at UT. For 2 whole semesters I was in the journalism school and then call it what you may but I had some sort of epiphany and realized that is not what I wanted to do with my life.  At the time my two alternatives were English or Elementary Education. After some thought and a good talking to from my dad I chose Education since it had more of a future than English. And to be different than all of the other southern girls in the Elementary Education department I decided to have a specialty of special education with a minor in English. And the rest is history, well kind of.  In my last year of school (my fifth year if you must know) a professor of mine talked me into taking 2 grad school classes in braille and intro to visual impairments and I fell in love. Then I went on to apply to graduate school programs to become a teacher of the blind. Now although I did receive a full scholarship to Vanderbilt I chose Columbia instead. How full circle is that?  I really do think fate pulled me to NY. Although Matt and I have so many connections and I do feel we would have met one way or the other I am glad I came to NY. And to be honest with you even though my program at Columbia University’s Teacher’s College was probably not as good as the Teacher of the Blind progam at Vanderbilt Columbia sure does have a good name. People are always impressed by that name, no matter where I am. I’m not so sure that Vanderbilt has that same affect on everyone. But, who really cares anyway.

So back to the whole journalism thing.  Matt laughed when I told him I was blogging but really what does he know about it. He is not a blogger in any sense of the word and I am pretty sure doesn’t even read anyone’s blogs. But that’s okay. Today I told my therapist about it and she was really impressed and proud of me. What more could I ask for then the approval of Lovey!!! So as I said above in some sense of the word maybe my career has kind of come full circle since I am writing again, which I really do think is a really good thing on many levels.


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  • 1. kidneyeyemomma  |  August 13, 2008 at 5:21 am

    I think you writing is great! I love to read what is in your head (I don’t think it is strange that the inside of my and your heads match up a lot of the time).

    I’m so glad your circle ended up back to writing.


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