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Some would say it is just mere coincidence, some would say it was fate, and some would say who knows who cares. But, for me it is crazy all of the ways that Matt and I are connected and there are just so many.  I know there’s that whole thing of six degrees of separation and all but for Matt and me it’s freaky.

We met because of Michael. I posted that before. But to reiterate we met because Matt’s brother Michael had cancer and my sister, Gayle, was Michael’s speech therapist.  Gayle introduced me to Michael and then while visiting Michael at the hospital I met Matt.

Then after meeting Matt we found out we had mutual friends. We were talking one day and I said something about being in SDT (I know a sorority) at UT. He said he dated someone in SDT at the University of Arizona. I looked at him like he was crazy because they are both such big schools and are so different from one another. Then he told me it was Rachel L. from Dallas and I couldn’t believe it because Rachel’s brother Jon was my best friend at UT. Coincident or not??

A few years later I was out in LA visiting my sister and my cousin Howard came to visit at the same time Matt’s childhood friend, Emil came to visit. They started talking and Emil mentioned he was at Stanford Law School. Howard then said his nephew Benji was there as well. And believe it or not Emil and Benji were really good friends.

And then another connection is one of Matt’s good friends from college, Jonathan B (who is also friends with Rachel L), is really good friends with a friend of mine from college Brandi B. And because of Jonathan B and facebook Brandi and I have now reconnected, which makes me really happy.

Fast forward to 2006 when the boys were diagnosed with PKD. We then found out that the PKD Foundation is based out of Kansas City, near where I grew up. Out of all of the cities in the world where this could be based Kansas City is a rare one. And the fact that I grew up there and had never heard about PKD or the Foundation strikes me as strange.

Then (and this one really isn’t about Matt and me but is weird), when we went to our first PKD Convention this guy walks into the room who looks familiar to me. I couldn’t place him and I thought maybe he was from KC. I went up to him and asked him if he was from KC and he said no Texas. Then I said “I know you, you went to UT”. It turns out that this guy, David A, went to UT with me and was also a camp counselor with me at Greene Family Camp. I asked him why he was there and he told me he is a pediatric nephrologist and works at the U of Alabama with Dr Lisa Guay-Woodford, who is the guru in ARPKD research. Wow!! Now he and I keep and touch and he also helps do the Q&A portion of the newsletter I write for the ARPKD chapter of the PKD Foundation. 

My friend Julia often laughs at all of my connections and says I know everyone somehow. And I do think I have a lot of connections and six degrees of separation type stories with many people. But, the fact that Matt and I have so many strange and interesting connections often makes me think it is fate we are together. He keeps saying there is a reason for the boys to have PKD. I am not so sure about that but I do wonder.


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