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Or lack there of. I have no memory anymore. That is scary. I am only 37 (38 in December). But still where did my memory go. I used to pride myself on how good my memory was. I would remember everyone’s birthdays. Now I’m lucky if I remember some of my family members and maybe one or two of my friends. I often don’t know the date and I am always forgetting something. 

A part of me thinks it is the 3 kids thing. Having 3 kids has sapped all of the memory (along with other things) out of me. Part of me thinks it is the fact that I have too much going on in my life: the boys, work, ARPKD, my volunteer work with the PKD Foundation and what it entails, life in general including driving the boys all over the place, doing the grocery shopping, cooking, cleaning, exercising (what’s that)…..

And then a part of me thinks something is really wrong with me. The big one is the word retrieval problem. I often have a word on the tip of my tongue but cannot get it out. And, usually it is the simplest word out there. But for the life of me I cannot remember it. How crazy is that.

Then there is the fact that I never get a full night’s sleep. Sometimes I have the best intentions but the earliest I get into bed is 11 and that’s rare and the usual wake up time around here is 7. The problem is most nights I go to bed before Matt and then when he comes in it wakes me when he opens the door.  Not to mention that probably 4 or 5 out of the 7 nights in a week at least one of the boys wakes up for one reason or another. The big reason is that someone is wet and needs to be changed. Oh, the joys of ARPKD and not concentrating our urine. Those are the hardest when I actually have to get out of bed and do something and kind of function while I am doing it.

Then there are the bad or weird dreams and panic attacks that often plague me in the night. I’ve already talked about both of those so don’t need to go into detail again.

So, I guess I could make a list and check it twice and realize why I don’t have a memory, not to mention am going crazy.

1. 3 kid thing

2. Life in general

3. Lack of a good night sleep


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