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That’s what I would call my bill paying skills…lame. I am so lazy about paying bills. I hate paying bills. I am so unorganized about paying bills. I am just no good at it. But, unfortunately it is my job and I cannot seem to pawn it off on anyone. It is just the last thing I want to do on any given day. I am even bad about where I put my bills. Often they get lost because I have them piled on my dining room table with many other things. Lately I often let the mail go for weeks before I really look at it. Then I might be late on a bill or maybe it got thrown out by mistake with some of the other papers I was looking through at the time. I get very distracted very easily. So, I might be looking through the mail and making a trash pile and inadvertently put the wrong paper in the wrong pile. How so very clever of me. And, I even pay my bills online in one easy place. I just have to go through the list and plug in numbers and I still have a hard time doing it.  It’s not like we are completely broke. We do have the money to pay our bills each month but I am still lame about it.

What spurred this blog is that I didn’t pay our July bills. I think the months keep popping up on me and I am so overloaded with other things I just don’t even think about it. But the problem is that Matt has a corporate AMEX card that we have to pay and then he gets reimbursed for it. Well, it so happens that I didn’t pay it last month. And then AMEX emailed someone at his company who then emailed Matt but CC’d his boss. Oops!! He didn’t really say much besides sending me the email and telling me to look at who was CC’d on it. 

The thing is I often ask Matt to pay our bills and take over this aspect of our life. But he won’t. So I feel like he should just have to deal with the fact that on occasion I might make a lame mistake, such as not paying our bills one month. And believe it or not it might happen more than one time. Maybe once a year and sometimes even twice a year. I’m lame like that. I admit it. But, I really do think there are worse things to be lame about. Like forgetting to give the boys their medicine. Which does happen on occasion, but I won’t even go there…..


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