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In September in about 60 cities around the country and a few international ones too the PKD Foundation holds a Walk for PKD.  This will be my third year participating in it.  I really like doing the walk. I like raising money for it and I feel a great accomplishment the more money I raise. You could actually say I am quite compulsive about it.  I check my walk stats a lot, send out tons of emails and letters, and obsess about it compulsively. I guess that could be called obsessive compulsive. But, I feel it is one great way to get the word out and educate my friends and family and also a great way to raise money for research. In the 2006 Walk for PKD my team “Three Peas in a Pod” raised over $17,000 and in 2007 our team raised over $16,000. Both years qualified me for a visionary award, which is an award the Foundation gives out to anyone who raises over $6000.  

Go to walk.pkdcure.org/goto/threepeasinpod to see my walk page and read my story there.

One other thing that makes me happy about this is that my grandma used to be a great fundraiser. She was active in many organizations but mostly raised money and helped organize something in Kansas City called the Jewish Council’s “Party for the Blind”. For as long as I can remember I remember my grandma volunteering and helping with these parties. I remember as I got older I helped her too.  And, I even have a statue that she received for all of her volunteer work.  So in a way I feel that some of this fundraising has come full circle. I often say how proud my grandma would be of me that I raise so much money. I do it for very selfish reasons and my grandma did it because it was just in her blood. But, I still do feel really good about it.

I hope I can at least get to $10,000 this year. But, whatever I raise will be used towards very helpful research specifically in ARPKD. Last year the ARPKD chapter of the PKD Foundation funded a research grant that is studying the pathogenesis of congenital hepatic fibrosis and biliary cyst formation in ARPKD. Besides that the PKD Foundation funded over $400,000 towards ARPKD research.  How great is that?????!!!!



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