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I remember when I first moved to New York and I was having a gate installed over my fire escape window. After the man left a friend of mine who was from the city asked me how much I tipped the guy who installed it. I looked at him like he was crazy. I paid him the amount on the bill and that was it.  He explained to me that in NY you always tip everyone. Well, Dorothy I guess we’re not in Kansas anymore. That’s how I felt. The silly girl from Kansas who knew nothing about tipping.

Today I went out and tried to figure out what kinds of tips to give the counselors at the boys Y camp. The last day is on Friday. I am so clueless about this. The hard part is that Nate has 7 counselors and Max has 6. If it were just 2 or 3 then I think it might be easier. But, I cannot give a ton to all of them or then I would be broke. But, I hate to be a cheap tipper.  And then the decision of what to give. I do give cash tips to the garbage men and the mail man at Christmas time. But, I really don’t like to give money tips to other people. So, I did a Target gift card for the 2 head counselors of each group and a Duncan Donuts one to the other 9 people.  I hope it’s good and even though it’s not a lot does show our appreciation. I know most of these counselors work really hard and don’t get paid a ton of money.

See, it’s the little stresses in life that I worry about the most. I push the big stuff into the back of my head and try to ignore it. Well, I could never really ignore it because it’s always there but I do try. I really do.


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