July 21, 2008 at 3:04 am 1 comment

All my life I have had weird dreams. Some just strange and some very scary. Recently I had one about Max hooked up to a machine with blood coming out of him. At the time I didn’t realize but it was probably about dialysis. But, in my dream someone unhooked Max from the machine and hooked his blood up to their child and was stealing his blood. I woke up screaming. It was a very horrifying dream and my heart was beating so fast.  I feel so empty after I have these dreams. I know they all stem from my fears and anxieties over the future and then they come out in my dreams. Probably because I keep so much inside of me.

But I also tend to have many dreams that someone is in our room. I am half awake and look over and see someone standing by me. Or I have spiders crawling all over me (I have a huge phobia of spiders – probably stemming from my childhood and everyone who killed them in my house would then pretend to throw them at me!). Anyway, I often wonder why I have these very strange dreams.  

So, I’m pretty much crazy, huh. I have panic attacks and strange dreams.  Huh.  I often wonder about myself.  Julia and I both noticed on Grey’s Anatomy one night that Meredith said “Don’t wonder why people go crazy, wonder why more don’t”. I get that. I totally do!!!


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  • 1. kidneyeyemomma  |  July 22, 2008 at 4:20 am

    We all cope differently. You dream them and that is your way (even a scary way) to process them. I’m fascinated by the person in the bedroom dream though.

    Crazy? Naw. On the verge? Maybe!

    Just kidding…


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