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The back and forth is just getting ridiculous at this point. Now it has moved beyond the original issue of her singling me out on the list serve and attacking me to a competition between the two organizations. People just don’t know when to stop. This has always been my complaint of the list serve and her posts. Every time she posts it is never a helpful response to the family only a response to check out her website and find the info there. I joined the list serve to hear other’s stories and run ideas by people, not to be thrown to a website every single time I post a question. Not to mention being singled out and attacked so publicly. I just don’t understand how more people don’t see it.

It is not about what each organization has to offer because I really do think they both have a lot to offer. It has turned into a sparring match, which I truly find ridiculous. I have always made a point in all of my postings to never make it a competition and to never really say much about the organization I am really not involved with.  Even in my response to her attack I didn’t mention her or her organization.  Crazy.

My goal in all of this is to be the best advocate for my children in the best way I know how. I seek information all of the time to learn more, educate myself, and help me seek the best treatment options for my kids.  I am the “only voice for ARPKD” for my children!!!!


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