How we met

July 9, 2008 at 3:45 pm 1 comment

Our anniversary always brings back so many memories.  It is a happy thing that we are married but a sad thing of how we met.  It is actually a bittersweet story.  In 1992 my sister Gayle was a speech therapist at Einstein Hospital in the Bronx. She received a new patient named Michael Karl, Matt’s brother.  At the time I was a student at the U of Texas in Austin and every time I talked to Gayle on the phone she talked about her new patient, Michael. Michael was 22 years old who had cancer and needed speech therapy and Gayle was his therapist. Gayle said he actually didn’t need therapy but Laraine, my now mother in law, insisted. Gayle was about 26 at the time. So instead of doing therapy they talked instead and became really good friends.  Gayle started talking to Michael on the phone, hanging out with him, going to his house for holidays…. In April of 1993 I went to NY to visit to buy a dress for Scott and Adena’s wedding. That was when I met Michael. To meet Michael is to become his friend. He befriended everyone he met and what a good friend he was.  He started writing me letters at school. Then in August I came back for Scott and Adena’s wedding and talked to Michael on the phone while I was there. Back at school we wrote letters again.  Then in the summer of 1994 I moved to NY.

Right before Labor Day weekend of 1994 my phone rang and it was Michael’s dad, John, now my father in law. He said he was trying to get ahold of Gayle and that Michael was really sick in the hospital. I called Gayle and we went to the hospital. Michael had septic pneumonia and was in the ICU. We went in to see him but he was sleeping.  I remember meeting John and Laraine for the first time and I remember Gayle asking when Matt would be there. He was away at school at the U of Arizona. John said he would be there in a few days. Gayle and I then went away for the long weekend and the next week went back to the hospital. That is when I met Matt for the first time. I remember he had on the baseball hat that was so worn in. I started going to the hospital every few weeks to see Michael and in the mean time started calling Matt on the phone to talk. We became fast friends, just like Gayle and Michael had.

Our first semi date was in October. Matt brought me a little pumpkin and we hung out at the Firehouse bar on Amsterdam Ave in Manhattan. Then about a month later we went to see a Broadway show and had dinner at EJ’s after. Then I hung out at the hospital for Michael’s birthday on Dec 9th and Matt drove me home after. He told me he wanted to date me. But, I had just moved to NY and gotten out of a long relationship at UT and wanted to just be friends. Weird, huh. So we just stayed friends.  Matt helped me celebrate my birthday and bought me a ring for my birthday that year, that I still have.  

Then life changed. Matt called me in March very upset to say the doctors said Michael wouldn’t make it. Then Matt called me on April 10th, 1995, and told me Michael passed away.  Shortly after that Matt and I started dating.  So, our love story is very bittersweet. If it hadn’t been for Michael getting sick Matt and I never would have met. (although I think we were fated to each other for many reasons that I will get to in another post)


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  • 1. kidneyeyemomma  |  July 17, 2008 at 3:08 am

    I love this sweet, sad story because it is about you two coming together.


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