Silly Boys

July 2, 2008 at 2:28 am Leave a comment

I am destined to have boys who have a very hard time separating from me. But once I am out of sight they are fine. They cry really hard when I am leaving and I feel so guilty and then they are fine 2 minutes later.

Yesterday was Max and Nate’s first day of camp. Nate cried so hard and I felt so horrible but the counselors said he was fine right after I left.  Today he did the same thing and then I happened to see him about 5 minutes later inside the building and he was so fine. What a silly boy!! Do they just do it to make me feel guilty. Because really I do! I feel like the worst mother in the world leaving them at camp where they might actually have some fun.

Max used to do this too. He did it in the 2’s, 3’s, 4’s, and for a week in kindergarten. He used to run the other way when the bus came for kindergarten but then his teacher would say he was fine by the time he got to school. So after 4 days I said to him that it upset me too much to put him on the bus when he cried and that if he was going to cry then Claudia (our nanny) would have to put him on the bus. He never cried again at the bus and even had the nerve to say one week later that he “loved the bus”.  

I guess they just love me so much they hate for me to leave them!!!


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