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Why is it that when you go to a doctor’s appointment for the most part the secretary is not the friendliest person in the world? And why is it that they make you fill out the same information over and over that is already in your file… just to update theirs even if yours hasn’t changed? And why is it that you have to write down your same insurance information when they are going to copy your card anyway? And why is it that they have to be rude about it? Even when you have three kids killing each other in the waiting room… and an old lady asking where the mother is…while you are running back and forth to turn in all of this information.

And to top it all off the nurse asked if Max were on any medications. I told her enalapril (which is for high blood pressure). It said in his chart (that I just filled out for the second time) that he has PKD. Then she has the nerve, stupidity, whatever it is to ask if he is healthy? Is a person who has PKD healthy?? Hmm?? How do you answer that. I said he has PKD. And then she still had the nerve and stupidity to say but is he healthy? Ugh!!!!  Little things like the aggravation with the secretary and the ignorance of the nurse sometimes push me over the edge. 

Off the subject but still on the subject of annoyances with doctors…. a few weeks ago when Gabe needed stitches for the second time in two months I told the plastic surgeon that Gabe had PKD. He asked me who had it – my husband or me. I told him neither; that Gabe has the recessive form and we carry the gene. Can you actually believe that he questioned me on that. He didn’t believe me only because he had never heard of ARPKD.  I don’t know what is more frustrating the fact that he had never heard of it or the fact that he didn’t believe me.  Trust me I know. I spend most of my free time either online reading about it, volunteering my time to the PKD Foundation, going to doctor’s appts about it, reading my friends’ blogs whose children have, reading posts on the list serve….. Am I sure???


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