the day our life changed

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It’s amazing that something that happened 26 months ago stays with me so clearly.  I was 34 weeks pregnant and I went in for an ultrasound. Two weeks before I had lost a pound and was carrying small so my doctor said to do a sonogram at my next appointment. I went in to the sonogram expecting nothing unusual. Then the technician asked if I had ever had low amniotic fluid with my two other pregnancies.  Then she said that she thought the kidneys looked enlarged.  She sent me over to my doctor’s office. As I stood in the hall I heard my doctor on the phone saying something about sending a patient over and polycystic kidney disease. I thought she said they didn’t think it was pkd but she must have been saying they needed to rule it out.  

I went over the hospital and on my way tried to call Matt. He was in a meeting and I couldn’t get a hold of him. I called our friend Mike and told him to reach Matt.  Luckily we finally reached Matt and he got to the hospital about 2 hours later. Then the doctor said they wanted to monitor me over night since the baby’s vitals were okay.  The next morning we did another sonogram with a perinatologist and one of our OB’s. They all said the kidneys looked fine (which in hindsight is hard to believe). But I didn’t have any amniotic fluid. Evidently you should have five areas of level five and I had one area of level one.  They decided I should have a C-Section, which was then scheduled for noon that day.

No one thought Gabe would be as sick as he was when he was born. They had a hard time getting him out and then they whisked him away to the NICU. Then about every hour the NICU doctor kept coming in and saying Gabe was a little bit sicker then they thought. Then that he had a double pneumothorax. Then that he needed to be intubated. Then that he needed to be transferred to Columbia Presbyterian. Then that he might not make it through the night.

He bounced back once down at Columbia after a few ups and downs, but that is another post entirely.  It’s just hard to get the feelings out of my head of how it felt to lie in the hospital the night before Gabe was born and worry the entire night of what would happen the next day. I think it will always be with me.


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